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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to milk a cow and Brynne Eldelsten nee Gordon.

As my Grandfather once said "I'm so relaxed I could shit my pants".... Obviously that is really disgusting and not something I would entertain doing however I think if you all looked deep within your hearts you would totally understand the sentiment behind that statement.

We're on holidays at my Aunt's property in country NSW so this will not be a long post my friends as I have some serious rural activities to be partaking in. Her property is at the base of Mt Kosciuszko in a small town called Tumbarumba. It's like something out of Anne of Green gables (please note I attribute a lot of my childhood happiness to Anne, Marilla, Matthew, Dianna and Gil)

Usually when school holidays roll around I lock the children outside in our small inner city backyard and tell them to "play nice" but I thought this time around I'd make a bit of an effort so we drove the 6 hours here on Sunday.  Once I'd recovered from the trauma that is being locked in a small confined space with my family for 6 hours I was able to stop and have a really good look around me.

I'll let these shots do the talking:


So as you can all see it's pretty idyllic here. It's got the kind of conditions that may inspire a re-enactment of the opening sequence to the Sound of music. Think of me spinning in perfect pirouettes trilling "the hills are alive....."

I am also going to spend a large amount of time trying to keep my 3 year old off the RSPCA watch list, she has taken to the animals with a little TOO much enthusiasm...

Thats all for now as I am being berated by Scott for doing work on our holiday. JUST before I go I wanted to make a quick comment on the Brownlow frocks from last night. Obviously Tanya Wilson was the best dressed by far but I wanted to give special mention and props to the amazing Brynne Eldesten nee Gordon, I love that she has a crack.  A LOT of the girls looked hungry and overdone but she looked HAPPY.

I'm off to milk a cow!

Em x