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Thursday, April 14, 2011

7 Reasons to get excited about the Royal Wedding!!!!!!!!

The Royal Wedding is upon us (it deserves incorrect capitol letter usage) and I AM EXCITED!

I know a lot of you think it's cool to PRETEND that you don't care. You must be pretending because I don't understand anyone with a pulse not being moved by the up coming nuptials.

The available commemorative merchandise alone is enough to get me going. Here are some of my personal faves:

I just LOVE the "Bobby's hat" for extra Britishness.

I may be needing one of these as excitement reaches FEVER PITCH!

Commemorative Gnomes! Nuff said. 

They've been VERY generous with Will's hair here..

I love that only Kate is wearing the wedding ring..

They look happy and relaxed in my SCOLDING HOT tea.

I just want to be as happy as this guy. SOLD!

How wonderful that this wedding has inspired so many entrepreneurs to get out there and have a crack.
Commemorative memorabilia aside (try saying that fast 3 times) I have other reasons for being excited about the Royal Wedding.

1. It's been a miserable start to the year. There has been floods, cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis and fires. Obviously this wedding isn't going to make any of that better or easier but it does allow for some good news to float through the media and perhaps, for a short time, allow a few people to escape their reality and bring a feeling of optimism to what has been a tough time for many.

2. The CRAPTASTIC made for TV "William and Kate" movie that is coming out. Here's a preview:

3. Prince Harry. More of Prince hot ginger pants. Yes, I just wrote that.

4. It will give everyone the chance to remember Princess Di in a happier light. Obviously the last wedding of this magnitude was hers and Charles so the comparisons are inevitable. Sure, it didn't end well. On MANY fronts, but at the time it was a wondrous occasion watched by a huge television audience and is still looked back upon with fondness.

5. The celebrity invitees.. This is THE ULTIMATE red carpet event people make no mistake about it. Every man and his dog is trying to score an invite. From Elton to GaGa, Sting to Lloyd Webber this list is A+++++.

6. THE WEDDING DRESS. Lets face it, we know Will will be wearing a well cut suit with a shit load of medals, perhaps a sword and some fancy shoulder detailing but this party is all about what Kate fronts up in and you know it.

7. Good for Britain's economy. Boring but true. Travel and tourism will get a boost, local buying will increase and it will generate jobs.

So there you have it nay sayers. Seven perfectly legitimate reasons to stop poo pooing the wedding and to get your limited edition commemorative plate and get on board.

April 29th, I 'll see you there.

E x


Katie said...

Awesome! Am organising drinkie poos with girlfriends and our local cleanskins outlet is doing $10 bottles of plonked with Kate and Wills labels. Should be a classy night all round.
Also, will be the first time I've 'been to' both the parents and child's weddings. Super excited!!
Btw just how hot is Harry?? Great pic!

Em Rusciano said...

Good commitment Katie. I was a little too young for Charles and Di so I feel like this is my moment also. Enjoy the day with the girls and perhaps wear some lace gloves to get in the spirit..
Em x

Eileen said...

hey Em. How old exactly were you when Charles and Di got married in 1982? Two or three perhaps? i was 13 and loved it and laughed thinking that poor Di got Charles's many names mixed up when she read out her vows. i then thought 'poor Di' right up until and beyond the day she died! i still light a candle for her every year on the anniversary of her death. i am a monarchist but have no interest anymore in the royal family (unless there's a scandal)! And besides, the Swans are playing footy on telly. Way more important... that's it.

Brooke said...

Hey Em,

Only Kate's glove has a ring because William gave a statement over here, saying he won't be wearing one. Apparently, its all part of a 19th century trend where men decided to go sans a wedding band. It was in all the papers in London cause it created quite the stir.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that only Kate is wearing a ring, as her name is written on the left glove/hand where ones (wedding) ring finger resides.