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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My 10 cents and my nude picture.

I once posed nude for a "healthy body image" campaign. 

Here is the picture:

Yes, fairly tame compared to the St Kilda boys but I knew full well that after I posed for this shot other people were going to see it. I think that can be assumed of any photo taken. 

After I had taken in ALL the available [visual] information on the "St Kilda nude photo scandal" I have to say the one thing that stuck with me was the fact that the boys posed for the shots in the first place and are now crying foul that they have seen the light of day. That and the lack of pubic hair... (Did anyone else find that a little confronting?)

Nick Riewoldt is now bleating about how he asked that the photo be deleted HOWEVER he obviously did not make sure of this. Also, for those of you who have seen the shot - it's not like he has his wang covered with one hand while trying to block the lens with the other. Boyfriend is working his angles - AKA posing. 

This "school girl" as she is disturbingly referred to in the press has been called everything from a "trouble making slut" to a "lost little girl". I think one thing's for sure ladies and gentlemen; meet your January Zoo Weekly cover girl.

Some people are asking why? Why is she trying to deliberately destroy these young mens lives? To them I say: SERIOUSLY?! Has she not been clear enough? Let me break it down for you all.

Here is a series of the "school girl's" tweets from a month ago, you can actually see the flames of revenge grow from glowing embers into a full blown inferno.. 

Remember, this is the same girl who claimed to have fallen pregnant to an un-named St Kilda player earlier this year. The tweets are obviously aimed at the player she had the alleged affair with. She is also clearly upset with how the club and the AFL handled the situation - THIS is a woman scorned:

"I need you to be here for me, I need you to be a part of this, I need you to keep my last ray of hope alive."

"Don't put me through this again, If anything... do it for bubs."

"Last Night... Well, What can I say? Absolutely shattered at the consequences... Ciao Ciao Life Plan.. x.."

"It's safe to say that if this goes through; My life will be a mess and not worth living. I'm awaiting judgement day.."

"As if you have a new girlfriend, then you call me and say you love me.. What the ? A tad confused .."

"I feel strange, I'm used to being the one in control and the one that's manipulating you, not the other way round.."

"HA. But, I WILL take you down, you know I will... I've got nothing to lose, unlike you. It's ON."

"Now it's getting interesting.... come get me fucker... Oh how I can't wait for next month."

You know how this ended... She posted the pictures and here we all are.

I do not wish to say much more on this topic, every man and his dog has had their go. I do wish to make the following points.

1. If she did in fact lose her baby as she claims them I am truly sorry for her loss and hope she has some kind of a support network around her. 

2. Those boys should never have posed for the shots if they were not happy with the possibility of them getting out.

3. Nick Riewoldt blaming Sam Gilbert is a cop out. He could have shown leadership and accepted some responsibility.

4. The footballers are not the only ones to blame. This girl has displayed behavior that is down right predatory.

5. When you break it down it's just a bit embarrassing for the boys. They'll move on and probably be able to laugh about it all in time. I get the feeling this is a deep scar for this young girl, one that may never heal. 

6. The AFL has a very long way to go to repair and grow it's relationship with the ladies.

Keep it in your pants if you don't want your Grandmother to see it kids.


Em x


Samfo said...

It's nice to read something from someone who actually knows what they are talking about in this whole 'scandal'. Good on you.

Anonymous said...

Don't most guys manscape these days? I would have been more surprised if Nick didn't. I don't want to sound like a slurry, but most guys I have been with have either been really short or near bald in the downstairs hair department. Just normal, non porn star, boys.

Emelia Rusciano said...

Do they?! My God it's been so long. My husband is old school- nuff said!

Em x

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog entry. I agree with everything you've said. There is blame on all sides, definitely. But what you've said about Riewoldt *actually* taking some responsibility and exercising *some* leadership is an amazing and apt point. That and given the fact that it is these sorts of players that were distributing the Lara Bingle shot (which was so obviously not posed and against her will) screams irony and sexism for both the media and the AFL.

Em - you have gained a fan. Thank you for your entry. :)

~Paul~ (a.k.a. henrys_creek on twitter)

Emelia Rusciano said...

Thanks Paul, I very much appreciate your kind words.
I found Nick's press conference a little trite and defensive.
He is the Captain. Someone in the St Kilda camp should have reminded him of this.
Carry on.
Em x

Frank said...

Nicely done... the players are obviously covering it up... which is what they should haev done in the first place.

Scott said...

Re the pubic hair the strange thing is that's a wax job for sure. Most blokes including me shave it off because who you going to get to wax your privates? I mean seriously. The captain of the Saints spreads for someone in a saloon and gets the nads done. Crazy. And funny.

Emelia Rusciano said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you can tell it's a "wax" job! God love you for going to the effort of shaving it off in the first place. I have NO IDEA that's what men were doing nowadays. Extra points for use of the word "nads"
Em x

Courtney said...

Nicely said Em!! Im more worried about the fact that Zac Dawson was holding a condom!! Was he offering to put it on for him?