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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Relax Julia!

OK! I admit it. I was sucked into the romanticism of a female Prime Minister.

Sure, I felt sorry for Kev. When he gave his wobbly chin goodbye speech I shed a tear - I'm not a robot.

I was also swept away in the Kevin 07 campaign. Besides the campaign name having excellent alliteration, here was this silver haired fox ready to take our country out of the clutches of the old blue bloods and inject some much needed life and left into our decaying political system.

I'll digress for a second, beg your forgiveness for being a wanker and say that I have interviewed Kevin Rudd several times. I had the IMMENSE privilege of speaking to him after he apologised to the stolen generation. It was one of the greatest moments of my life, up there with meeting Lionel Ritchie - I was bursting with emotion.

Oh Kev... You came out of the blocks with such promise.

You'd been to the strippers, we loved that.

You spoke Mandarin, we were OK with that.

Sadly, in the end you seemed to be away for most of the time and left a legacy of dodgy ceiling insulation, rumours of tantrums over hair dryer speeds and an emissions trading scheme farce.


I bought into Julia, why wouldn't I? Such shiny hair, such kind eyes, not Tony Abbott.
Julia valued education and health and when that woman gives a hug she commits.

Now, several months in I find myself asking one very large question. What does Julia Gillard stand for? What are the burning issues that keep her up at night? What does she believe in? Why does she present as a robot now instead of the charismatic and passionante woman she once seemed to be.

It appears she has bowed to the ridiculous expectations the Australian public place on our politicians- That they must live as though they're in Victorian times, that they must be infallible, benign and beige.

While I'm not sure what she stands for, we all know what she's against - Gay marriage.
Her stance on this issue flummoxed me. Tony Abbott can hide behind his "religion"as it's a sin for a such a union to take place. What was Julia's reasoning? When pressed she bleats on about "clear party policy" and that their stance "refects where there community is at".

As Julia Gillard is yet to give a clear cut reason as to why she's PERSONALLY against gay marriage I thought I'd come up with a few for her.... Then I reaslised none of them could apply... So I'm still a little lost... Aaaaaaaany way:

1. Worried about procreation- Julia has chosen not to have any children.
2. Doesn't think non tradiotional unions should not be recognised - Julia is in a defacto relationship.
3. Religion - Julia is an atheist.
4. Believes in up holding traditional policies - Females weren't allowed to vote until 1903. If it weren't for the tireless campaigning of women's groups she may not be in the position she is today. Sometimes, traditional policies are stale, out dated and in need of modernising. She has benefited from exactly that happening. Just because something is deemed inappropriate years ago doesn't mean it is now or in the future.

With the recent floods, cyclones and fires our politicians have been very prevalent in the media. Social media has been closely scrutinizing their every move, reaction and tear. With regards to the floods - Julia was critised for being too "wooden". To be fair, I thought she handled it beautifully.

It was Anna Bligh's show to run; I think Julia did what most women would have done in that situation. Offered her unwavering support and in no way felt the need to undermine the authority of the person in charge.

Tony Abbott was recently caught up in a shit storm for saying "shit happens" during a highly charged military conversation. GOD HELP ME I supported him on that one. He allowed himself to get caught up in the moment without thought or care to how it may have effected him politically. If it weren't for some opportunistic editing on ch 7's behalf he may have won back some support. At least he was being authentic.

It would be remiss of me not to mention Bob Brown and his Greens wouldn't it? I'll say this; good in theory however as Malcolm Turnbull said "there are none so pure as the impotent." Lets see some major policy put into play and then I'll be a believer.

I know this is ended up being more of a vent than a blog post but I make the rules here so it is what it is.

Basically, I want more for those in charge of running our country. I want to know what it is they believe in. I want passion, I want AUTHENTICITY and I want fearlessness.

To Julia Gillard I wish to say - Relax lady. Be yourself.

Make a difference this week you lot.

E x


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC POST! Now do me a favour and get out of my brain!! It's creepy how you've done that mind reading thing...

- Kez

pecksm said...

Love the post!

Now have you told your local member of parliament your opinion on same-sex marriage! And tell your friends to do so as well. Many members are just doing webpolls or web surveys, you can find the links on their official websites!

The Chef said...

So I bit the bullet and read your thoughts on Gillard and by and large you touch on things I had written about Gillard months ago, you can read here if your interested.

As a young professional lesbian in a defacto relationship, I am censored from saying that I am married, even though that I pretty much share the same rights as a hetero couple.

Julia Gillard is a homophobe and bigot. There is no two ways about it; nor words that can sugar coat the obvious. It is, what it is.

All the best.

Judd Exley said...

YOINKS. Wifeage and I have had this discussion many a time. On the extremely rare occasion when her family (or dog forbid, her mother) ask for my political views (can't vote yet, I'm still technically a yank) I pretty much launch into a verbatim account of this post.

Not THE reason I lubbers yew, but it's in the Top 5.