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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Selling my Soul, Singing and Story telling..

Well, I am two weeks out from the opening night of my little show and I've ceased "the sleeping" all together. Anxiety pretty much consumes me and I am convinced I have taken on far too much. So, all is pretty normal!

That all being said, I am really looking forward to performing as well. The experience of doing something that scares the shit out of me and also allowing me to combine my love of telling stories and music has been a fantastic one.

Here is the show poster:

If you think you can spare the time to come one of the shows I'd really love to see you there. All my friends and family are coming (out of obligation) however it would be great to see some new faces as well. 

A lot of you would only have ever seen me in 30 second bursts on the 7pm project or perhaps remember me from Idol when, well, I wasn't really sure what the hell I was doing. (I am marginally better now!)

If you're curious please come along.

Selling my Soul!

Recently I filmed 5 "mini whips" for a Kan Tong promotion with the 7pm project.

Yes, as in: "Mammas making Kan Tong, doesn't take long for the word to spread around" - That's now going to be stuck in your head all night my friend.

Here they are!

I've also been writing for the amazing Mia Freedman at her website:

That's all for now kids.

Speak soon.

Em x


Ben said...

Hi Em,
My name is Ben. I live in Sydney Australia. I really like your blog it is fantastic. You are doing a great job on The 7PM Project TV Show.

Breezy said...

Hey Em,

Wow - I am all over the place on these comments. Mamamia, twitter and now here... Not a stalker, just a follower.

Would love to see your show, but Melbourne is so far away. Hopefully it's a smash hit and you tour every town in Australia.. Every.Single.One.

(Sydney will do)

Eileen said...

hi Em.
I can't wait to see your show. i listened to your audio rehersal last night. Loved the Adele song. Fantastic. Will be coming to the opening night and then bringing my friend along to the closing night. You're gonna be a hit, i'm sure. Maybe you could promote your own show during your metro whip segment? Just a thought!