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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Who will save my girl's musical souls?

Growing up my top musical heroes were who you would expect.

Michael Jackson

I pretty much decided that I would model my look on all 3 as a 10 year old and I haven't evolved since.

My daughters are music savvy. I mean it, they've truly got the rhythm in them. I know all parents say that but just trust me ok?!

Every Saturday morning I wake to the familiar sound of "Rage ra ra ra Rage ra ra ra Rage Raaaaaaaaage". The two of them sit there watching film clips, singing along hoping that their favourite song is next - as I did when I was their age.

I worry for them, who will be their musical icons? Who will adorn their walls, who will they rush out to buy smash hits for? ( Does smash hits still exist?)

They have no interest in One direction, Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift (I'm a tiny bit proud of that) They form attachments to songs not artists.

Having only ever listened to my music, as I decided very early on The Wiggles and High 5 were messengers of Satan, my kids expect much from their pop music. They can sing along to most of Stevie Wonder's back catalogue, know The Gossip's "Music for men" top to toe and it meant something to them when Whitney Huston died. What I'm getting at is they want more than what Bieber and One Direction have to offer. However the artists I mentioned above the boys bands are all my taste inflicted on them. Sure I'm helping to shape their musicality but until they discover someone for themselves they won't get that truly authentic "losing my shit over ________'s new album" experience.

The current day pop landscape is full of technologically suped up wannabes who are out before they're truly in. Songs have had the soul auto-tuned out and there is so much choice and product flooding the market place it's hard to know where to start.

What I want more than anything is for my kids to have someone to hook into, really love and obsess over.

I thought GaGa was a serious contender but it all got a bit much for my 5 year old when I had to explain the concept of the alien re-birthing and thirteen minute film clips involving bathtubs and leather.

Chris Brown might have been in with a chance had he not PUNCHED A WOMAN in the face.

Britney Spears. No. Just, no.

Beyonce is talented and probably as close as my girls have got to having someone they admire but she still leaves me a tad cold. I don't think Beyonce has a real identity, you would't look at an outfit or hear a song and say "that is so Beyonce" as you would with Prince, Michael or Madonna.

Robyn is front runner at the moment, again a favourite of mine but the girls play her independently of me so that counts for something. Sia has come up the ranks also particularly for my eldest.

Calling all icons, we need you. Us Mothers who are bringing up the next generation of music enthusiasts desperately need someone to believe in. Someone to teach our daughters and sons about the importance of independent thinking, musicianship, killer shoulder pads and shit hot dance moves.


 Do any of you have suggestion? Am I missing someone? Who will my kids be playing to their kids?

Em. x

 P.S. For those of you wondering about who Robyn is, watch below. She is RAD.


The Chef said...

Perhaps I am also getting old or jaded or a bit of both, But nonetheless today's music is utter rubbish and no smash hits is lost to the sands of time....

Wouldn't know who to recommend as I stick to listening to music of the past that actually featured real musicians and lyrics that actually meant something or had something to say....

If was to pinpoint someone then it would be Enigma. Their music transcends words.

Ciao =)

Kate said...

What about Kylie? She is sweet, wholesome and the music and her shows are fantastically camp. She is the perfect role model for young girls.

Melissa said...

Makes me sad to think my kids won't know or really appreciate the likes of Michael Jackson and Whitney

Rachel said...

I'm so so so looking forward to finding out what bands/songs/artists my kid is going to into because I think he's going to switch me on to some AWESOME new shit I would never have come across! In the meantime I'll keep pumping his little head full of fucking amazing classics and set him on the right path :)

Mishella said...

I look after B/G twins.
They are 3 1/2 and one loves Adele and Gotye and the other loves Black keys and Flo Rider.....
They don't watch much telly though so I don't have to explain the film clips!