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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Slack Bitch

Hello lovely darlings..

I know I've been a slack bitch with the blogs but I've just had so much going on. No excuse I know..
I swear to you I will get back on this horse once my stint on Breakfast radio is over.
I may even mount it before then.
My Grandfather dying took away my ability to write with any joy but I feel like I'm thawing out a bit and soon I will be able to quip in a semi intelligent fashion..

Until then, be kind to everyone except the arse clowns.

Em xxx (Too many kisses? I'm over reaching now aren't I?)

P.S. If you wish to hear me watered down to about 85% (I'm not allowed to swear on air) you can podcast us:  Hear Em on the radio here!

1 comment:

Judd Exley said...

I can only assume there's not even any comments on here because you're also too slack to approve 'em? Heh.

All good babydoll. Rock on wichabadself.

When you're ready to write with the funny again, just think about that time your kid slid her shoe across the kitchen floor and it made a fart noise, and then she kept raking her shoe back and forth trying to replicate it until you snuck up behind her and farted. BAHAHAHAHAH... hoo!

Wait... that might've been me. Nevermind.