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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You're doing better than you thought..

I get a shit load of joy out of my kids doing well.

I'm a borderline helicopter Mum. If things are running smoothly I hover above at a respectable distance letting both the girls make safe mistakes. I'm pretty liberal with the discipline and they seem to have a lot more freedom than some of  their friends. 

The same can't be said for when I think someone is messing with them.. I kinda turn into a blackhawk, special forces, black ops, navy seal, ghost protocol, FBI Mum. 

I'm slack enough to not be placed on some sort of "trouble making parents" school watch list but I think people still keep a healthy distance from me at events. The thought of joining the PTA makes me want to cut someone however my kids always have fabulous costumes and rad lunches.

The thing is, I am constantly worried that I'm doing irreversible damage to my children. 
The number of times they have seen me leave the house sans pants is probably not ideal. I also have a habit of calling them "slack moles" when they don't clean up their mess and on more than *one (*read 30+) occasion (s) they have had breakfast for dinner. 

I am also a massive fan of the hard core lecture. I own that shit. I get on a roll and usually find myself sucked into some sort of vocal, mythical vortex. I can sustain a rant for up to 30 minutes! They are more performances than lectures.. I once made them sit through Mozart's "Requiem" to set the mood before I launched them about not putting their clothes in the dirty clothes basket. If you are unfamiliar with this piece here it is: Em's lecture fire up song. 
These lectures achieve nothing as their little eyes usually glaze over at the 5 minute mark, they are mostly to make me feel better which isn't ideal.

The problem with the ongoing war with my children over the "putting away of clothes" is that my bedroom looks like a drag queen and a show girl had a clothes baby and that baby exploded. Feathers, sequins, animal print over 200 pairs of shoes. hats, wigs and make-up strewn  across every available surface. 

Niether of them have thought to challenge me yet but that day will come and I won't have a leg to stand on.

If you're a parent and never feel like a failure then hats off to you hats fecking off.

I lay awake at night feeling guilty, I'm sure a lot of you can relate. You can right? Oh say you can..

Every time I swear in front of them or yell or find myself away for work I resolve to make organic meals, use tupperware and keep the washing pile to a height of 1m instead of the 2m it now towers at. I of course never stick to these resolutions but I have really excellent intentions!

Why am I rambling about my inadequate parenting skills? Well my friends, today I had a win. A big dick off win!

Marchella my eldest got her end of year report card and against all odds she is a rad kid. I mean excellent in everything. I burst into tears after reading it I was so proud.  She had a tough time this year with another girl bullying her but it seems coped pretty well and achieved brilliance. I know I am going on but I need this. LET ME HAVE THIS!

 The opening paragraph reads:

"Chella has completed a fabulous year. Chella's approach, enthusiasm, strong work ethic and
 genuine interest in learning is INSPIRING and she is a positive role model for the other 

I won't bore you with the rest but she received "excellent" in every subject and MY GOD I am so relieved I haven't completely stuffed her up. Yet.

The reason I am telling you this; besides gloating and being a massive wanker, is that I wanted to reassure you that you are probably doing a better job at this parenting caper than you give yourself credit for. 

I don't think parents take enough time to look at their kids and see all the positive things they have passed on and achieved. I know I am prone to focussing on what I have stuffed up rather than got right. 

I will acknowledge my good work as a Mother in that both my kids know Nickleback's music is a blight on humanity that should be wiped out in irreversible circumstances. They both know all the chorrie to Gaga's "Bad Romance" and that it's never ok to wear white pants. They both also know never to start a sentence with "No offence but..." 

Job well done right? RIGHT!

So, I encourage you all to go and look at your cherubs. Do it when they're asleep, you always love them 15% more then and give yourself a pat on the back. You've earned it.

E x


soozn said...

I don't have kids, but most of my friends do, and my observation is this: The parents that worry about whether they're doing an ok job, let alone an ace one, are the great parents. It means you give a shit. Just think, if you didn't love your kids to bits, you wouldn't give a fat rat's tossbag whether you were a good parent or not!

Leesa said...

Well said Em! I am, too, constantly worried about the damage I do to my cherubs! After a rant I find myself thinking that one day they will be explaining the moment to their therapist.

Once, during an outburst/lecture/perfomance I found myself on the couch sobbing, after a FML moment, with my two eldest rubbing my back saying..."there there...there there" Nice parenting Mum

I've also overheard my husband explaining to my 4 kids that sometimes, "When Mums go mental" it's because of all the sacrafices they make throughout every walking moment that they break a bit, but Mum's are so strong they get right back on to everything they do" My kids agreed that the meltdown was ok. I, too can command the illusion of my childrens attention for 30 minutes!

I consider myself a lawnmower parent - trying hard to pave the way to ensure the kids have a fabulous and rose coloured life, but as with any lawn... sometimes that shit grows so fast!!

Congratulations on an awesome WIN! We all have fabulous children (especially when they are sleeping), but today - yours is the MOST fabulous!

Judd Exley said...

Whether that Win is a good report or the fact that the 10-yo just perfectly and completely cupcaked his sister with a tacofart... you take 'em as they come.

Personally, you sound fkn awesome. My wifeage is like that, probably appearing batshit crazy to the rest of the world, but rad as here at home.

KB said...

I actually did look at my sleeping kiddies and it think it's a 30% increase in love. Im super happy she got such a fabulous report and I will be gloating equally as much if not more if/when my kids get great reports. I always think I've stuffed them up, that it's too late and they're going to be rude and obnoxious. Then five parents at two different playgroups tell me I have the loveliest, thoughtful and well behaved girls and I think "really? You mean those ones there?". We clearly judge ourselves more than anyone else and I am going to see their positives more from now on. Well at least tomorrow :).